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Strategies 2.0 is a partnership between the Child Abuse Prevention Center, Children’s Bureau of Southern California, and SDSU Social Policy Institute. Our mission is to support the professional development of California’s family strengthening field.

Strategies 2.0 applies innovative approaches to promote training, technical assistance, peer -learning, and professional development for the family strengthening field. Our services are designed to build the capacity of California’s communities to create the conditions in which all children and families can thrive.
For two decades, the California Department of Social Services Office of Child Abuse Prevention has made strategic investments in California’s capacity to prevent child abuse and neglect. Strategies 2.0 honors and builds on the state’s prior investments, while proposing new vision and innovative approaches for an evolving prevention field.

While the grant was awarded to a new partnership in 2016, the vision remains the same– a world in which children are cherished. We believe in furthering that vision by growing the capacity of the family strengthening field both to deliver high-quality services and to partner with their communities to transform the conditions in which families live.

A world in which children are cherished, families are engaged and strengthened, and communities thrive.

Strategies 2.0 is a catalyst for the professional skills, organizational structure, and community relationships necessary to mitigate the risk factors for child abuse and neglect, and to promote child, family, and community well-being.

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